Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Not So Miraculous Tree Water

The pilgrims flocking to a tree in San Antonio, Texas won't give up their miracle, just because a natural, and expected, explanation has been found.

The tree has been gurgling water from its trunk for months, and people believed it to be "holy water" with miraculous healing abilities. Funny thing though, when the San Antonio Water System shut off the water service to the home of Lucille Pope, the tree stopped giving off its water. Officials think the tree roots have penetrated the water line to the Pope home, yet the faithful continue to come.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, Lloyd Pope says he tells people what happened, but they still want the water. Maybe I should set up a holy water tree in my own yard and sell vials of it to pay off some bills. :) Much like the water-stain Mary under a freeway, or the Virgin on a grilled cheese sandwich, the water tree demonstrates how many people are so hungry for signs and miracles that they suspend logic and rational thinking. The scary thing is that some of these folks vote.

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