Sunday, September 21, 2008

Private Debt, Public Bailout

Bush’s Treasury Secretary Paulson, wants a quick, no strings attached Congressional bailout of the mismanaged Wall Street firms, decrying Democrats calls for conditions and accountability. I thought Bush told us it isn’t the government’s money, but “the peoples’ money”. Why then, don’t the people get to apply conditions to this record bailout plan?

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A Parker MFFY - Busted!

Just before noon, the LS and I decided to stop in at Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers in Parker to pick up a couple of items after our visit to the farmer's market. There I saw what my fellow online roadgeek, Ryan, calls a MFFY. That is short for "Me First, F-You". There are many such creatures on the road, and it always is amazing how many of these are young women with children in tow. Sometimes their antics are just downright dangerous. This one on the other hand, is just selfish and rude.

As I have a mother and a father-in-law with serious mobility problems, and a friend with severe mobility problems from his Cerebral Palsy, I have a high sensitivity to such MFFYs when it comes to people illegally hogging handicapped parking spaces.

The woman getting out of this Tahoe pulled right into the closest handicapped spot to the door of the store. She then got out and unstrapped a toddler from a car seat, and carried the child into the store. She was fully able bodied, and was just being selfish. Having a child is not a handicap last time I looked.

Not only was she not visibly handicapped in any way, but there was not a handicapped permit in her car either. She didn't have proper stickers or placement on her rear license plate either, and in defiance of another Colorado law, she doesn't have a front plate on her truck.

Hanging from her rear view mirror was a student id card from the University of Colorado Health Science Center with her name on it. I will only use her first name here, but Petra, you are busted! Shame on you! You are the MFFY of the day!