Sunday, April 05, 2009

Life is Tough All Over

This weekend, as we continue receiving April snowfall here in Colorado, the neighborhood birds and mammals are having to resort to ingenuity to survive. This evening, returning home from a run to the local Costco, I saw one of the little rabbits scrounging in the snow underneath one of our bird feeders to get seed that had fallen on the ground.

This morning, another fellow was availing himself of birdseed in my next door neighbor's bird feeder. I grabbed my camera and got some incriminating pictures of the crime in progress.

This hungry squirrel had found that he could not only reach the bird feeder, but could actually open the top to get to what little bit of goodies were left inside. I watched him for a while, and thought that maybe I should put out some squirrel food.

And don't let the blue sky in the picture fool you. It is snowing like crazy again tonight.