Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell's Endorsement of Barack Obama

I have been quite upset with a man I have respected for years since he went before the United Nations and made a presentation based on bad information in the run up to the invasion of Iraq. That man is former Secretary of State, General Colin Powell. Today on NBC's Meet the Press, General Powell redeemed himself. In a most eloquent and reasoned manner, he laid out why as a life long Republican, he is endorsing Democratic nominee, Senator Barack Obama for the Presidency of the United States.

General Powell echoes the main reasons I also support Senator Obama. These include:
  • Senator McCain's poor judgment in selecting Governor Palin as his running mate, when she is obviously unqualified to be President
  • The possibility of at least two more Supreme Court appointments of a conservative bent
  • The low road taken in these closing days of the campaign by Senator McCain's team
  • Not only the misrepresentation of Mr. Obama as a Muslim, but that it even matters what his religion may be, when there explicitly no religious test for public office, as stated in the Constitution of the United States
  • Barack Obama is a new generation, a transitional figure in American history, when the nation can ill-afford four-to-eight more years of basically the same failed policies of the past eight.
General Powell, I salute you for your taking a stand, and in spite of your long standing friendship with Senator McCain, putting your country first.

I have embedded today's Meet the Press below.

Hop To It!

Between battling a major round of insomnia, and the most hectic times at work in quite a while, I have not been posting as regularly to the blog as usual. Politics have reached new lows of slinging, more like slinging crap...especially from the McCain campaign. So let's look at something a bit easier on the brain.

Today, one of the little bunny rabbits that live under our trees was sitting out in the yard, looking all fat and happy. I don't know if this is a pregnant bunny, or just one that is well fed on my poor lawn, but in any case, it is cute. That said, if times get tougher, this could begin to look less like a cute little bunny, and start looking more like dinner and four "good luck" keychains, cotton tail notwithstanding!