Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wall Street Bailout, Defiant Pastors, & The VP Debate

Today's commentary touches on the following topics:
  • The Congressional consensus on the bailout of Wall Street investment banks
  • A group incites some NeoConservative pastors to defy the IRS
  • The upcoming Biden/Palen debate
Listen in the player below, or click on the title of this post to download the MP3.
Links for the NeoCon pastor comments:

Story from the Associated Press & MSNBC

The IRS rules about political action by Section 501(c)(3) non-profits

Alliance Defense Fund web site (The NeoCon group instigating the action)

Old Flames & New Names

Mark Chesnutt had a country song out about how all his old flames had new names. While he was singing about old girlfriends getting married, here in Colorado politics, our old flames also have new names. Our current failure of a U.S. Senator, Wayne Allard, is retiring. His seat in the Senate is being contested for by former Republican Congressman, Bob Shaffer; and Democratic Congressman Mark Udall. These two candidates have been given new names that are being used as if they are part of their official names. Yes, we now have "Big Oil Bob" and "Boulder Liberal Mark Udall" running for the Senate.

It is hilarious how these monikers are being used. Shaffer's campaign manager even uses the term "Boulder Liberal Mark Udall" when talking to the media. It is so funny that today when the pair were on NBC's Meet the Press, I felt something was amiss when Tom Brokaw didn't introduce them by the names their opposition has bestowed upon them.

As for me, sorry "Big Oil Bob", I am supporting "Boulder Liberal Mark Udall". To quote another political add from this campaign..."That's the fun part!".