Saturday, October 04, 2008

See Ya O. J.

The Moody Blues sang, "Isn't life strange, a turn of the page, can read like before, can we ask for more." Well, the turn of the page didn't quite read like before for former football star, former actor, former murder suspect, former golf course hunter for the "real killers" , and now convicted armed robber O. J. Simpson. Thirteen years to the day from his acquittal for the brutal slashing murders of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ronald Goldman, O.J. has been found guilty of armed robbery in Las Vegas.

Jurors deliberated 13 hours before finding Simpson guilty of all 12 counts against him. Based on his age of 61, he could conceivably spend the rest of his life in prison. While I believed the evidence proved his guilt in the murders, the jurors found him not guilty. That decision set him free to grab a golf cart and begin his hunt for the "real killers". Of course, besides enjoying a round of 18 holes while on the hunt., O.J. has been in trouble for one thing after another over the intervening years.

Last year, Simpson had the cajones to publish "If I Did It", a book telling how he would have done the killings "if" he had done them. The outrage caused a movie based on the book to not be released, and the Goldman's eventually got the rights to the tome.

So, maybe O.J. thought he was invincible, that he could beat any rap against him. But this time there were no slow band of police cars chasing a creeping white Bronco at slow speed. Only the sight of O.J. being led out of the courtroom in handcuffs to await sentencing for the counts of which he has been found guilty. I am sure the Brown and Goldman families will sleep well tonight. Oh, there might be a tee time available at his favorite golf course in Miami. O.J. won't be taking it.