Friday, July 18, 2008

Even Sweeter in Sugar Land

The Associated Press is reporting that 5,000 gallons of sticky, sweet molasses spilled from a tanker truck on to Texas Highway 6 at the Southwest Freeway (US 59) in Sugar Land yesterday afternoon. What could be a more perfect place for molasses to spill than a place named for sugar?

This particular intersection is one I have been through countless times. In fact, below is a photo of the intersection that I posted a while back on this very blog. I used to frequent a coffee shop at the corner to make use of their wi-fi connections while visiting my parents in nearby Houston. Sadly, The Coffee Groundz closed this location. I guess they, like many small businesses, just couldn't make a go of it.

Intersection of Texas Highway 6 and US 59 Southwest Freeway in Sugar Land