Friday, October 03, 2008

The Veepstakes Debate

I had many thoughts while watching Governor Palin debate with Senator Biden last night. I was planning on writing an analysis of the event myself, but the editorial in The New York Times said it so well, that I will provide a link here to their review.

I will say that while Ms. Palin avoided any major flubs (short of calling the senator from Delaware "Senator O'Biden"), she didn't show any substantive understanding of either foreign or domestic issues. It was also apparent by her refusing to answer the questions, and just sticking to her rehearsed answers, that she still cannot think on her feet. This is demonstrated in her interviews, and that her handlers obviously coached her to stick to the GOP talking points and false accusations. I can almost hear them now..."Sarah, whatever you do, don't try to answer the questions. Here is what you say, and do NOT vary from it."

If the Republicans win the presidential elections in November, we had all better wish, hope, or pray to whatever deities we believe may or may not exist, that the new President stays healthy enough to complete his term in office. If Palin were to ascent to the Presidency of the United States, would it be a disaster? To use the governor's own words, "You betcha!"