Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The D & F Tower

My recent journey back to downtown Denver gave me the chance to shoot this photo of the famed Daniels & Fisher Tower, which stands on the 16th Street Mall. This landmark was part of the Daniels & Fisher department store, and according to Wikipedia, was the tallest structure west of the Mississippi at the time of its construction. Wikipedia also notes that it was modelled after The Campanile, or St. Mark's Bell Tower in Venice, Italy, and indeed it looks very much like its Italian sister. (CLICK HERE to see The Campanile).

Daniels & Fisher was acquired by the May Company, and starting in the 1950s, this historic tower became known as the May D & F Tower. When the old department store fell victim to the wrecker's ball around 1980, the clock tower was spared, and it stands vigilant over the passersby on the 16th Street Mall today, nearly 100 years after it was built.

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