Friday, December 29, 2006

The Plows Keep Busy!

With the second large snowstorm in a week pounding the Front Range, the plow drivers are finding no shortage of work. The second storm began dropping its mess on the Denver area shortly after 9 AM yesterday morning. by the afternoon, the roads were already becoming a mess.

This photo was taken mid afternoon on the E-470 Tollway between Lone Tree and Parker, shortly before arriving at the eastbound toll-booths. Here are two plows driving tandem as they do, to rapidly clear the highway. The plow on the right clears an inside lane, and is followed by the plow on the outside lane that pushed all the snow off onto the median. In this photo, you can clearly see the ice-melting salt/sand mixture that the plows broadcast onto the road surface to keep it from icing over. In addition to that gritty melter, they also use a liquid de-icer on some roadways, particularly before the snow begins to fall.

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