Saturday, January 13, 2007

Ted on Approach to Denver

Denver International Airport is approximately 30 miles north of where I took this photograph. Still, many planes approach the airport on a path toward the north/south runways from here.

This particular picture was taken with a telephoto lens, and before cropping, it was a small plane in a huge blue sky. Some cropping and sharpening in Photoshop reveal the plane to be one from the United subsidiary, Ted. You can very clearly read the carrier name, along with the gold United Airlines "U" on the vertical stabilizer. You can even make out the windows of the passengers and flight deck. You can almost read the registration number of the aircraft, but not quite. With a little longer lens or perhaps if this had been on a tripod, that could have been read, but for a quick hand-held shot, I am not disappointed in this one.

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