Monday, February 19, 2007

Lights Far & Near

Today has been a warmer and drier day than was expected here in Douglas County. As we get close to 7 PM and the sun beneath the mountains, the temperature is heading down for the night. Still, the partly cloudy skies at dusk cleared just a bit. I went out to watch the deer that come out to find food, and noticed the twilight sky. About 40 degrees or so above the horizon, Earth's closest neighbor, The Moon, was in a crescent phase. Just below it, our next closest neighbor in space, Venus, was shining in the sky.

I braced myself against a pole and shot a few photos. The one above gives a bit of perspective, as the blurred object on the left is the branch of a pine tree, while the dark, cloudy blob in the upper right is . . . a cloud.

In any case, here are some lights a lot closer to home than either The Moon or Venus. The picture below is taken on Mainstreet (yes, Parker spells it as one word) in downtown Parker. The flags are out because today is Presidents' Day. I'm old enough to remember when we had celebrations on February 12 for Lincoln's Birthday; and again on February 22 for Washington's Birthday. Now we lump them together, and I doubt many school children even know why.

A car went by as I was taking this one, so we have what appears to be a very fast car, but instead it is just the trail left by it's taillights during the exposure. It also looks like a motorcycle was coming the other way, because just above the taillight trails, you can see a white streak on the opposite side of the road.

Here's wishing you a very Happy Presidents' Day!

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