Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Sunday Stroll Around DU

This afternoon, my wife needed to visit the Sturm Law Library at the University of Denver. I took the opportunity to accompany her so that I could take a stroll around campus with my camera and take a few photos of the architecture there. The DU campus is home to a number of older buildings, but also has seen an explosion of new construction in recent years.

The photo to the left is the spire and tower at the Daniel L. Ritchie Center for Sports & Wellness. This tower is quite striking, with its gold roof that is visible for miles around. It is particularly noticeable at night, when floodlights illuminate it. Even though it is a couple of blocks off of Interstate Highway 25, it is quite visible from that thoroughfare.

The view of the sky behind the building portends the changing weather. Today's temperatures have reached into the 50s, giving much needed opportunity for snow to melt. But the clouds in the distance are the leading edge of a line of weather that has promised to bring more snow to the Denver metropolitan area for the next three days.

The next photo gives an altogether different view of the Ritchie Center. This is a window in a building on campus that lies across Evans Avenue to the south. Visible in the reflection in the window are the building for the Sturm School of Law which was built in 2003, along with the golden tower of the Ritchie Center. Just to the right of the gap between the panes of glass, you can see the right edge of the clock tower of the Sturm Law School.

The final picture I will show today was interesting, in that not only is it a beautifully designed building, but there is a jet flying above and behind the tower, leaving its contrail to mark its path through the azure Colorado sky. There is much more to see around DU, but this will at least give you an idea of the campus of this well-known and respected institution of higher learning.

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