Saturday, March 10, 2007

Impending Storm

One of the most fascinating sights to me is when the weather is undergoing a rapid change. A frontal system moves through, and the skies can go from light blue to dark gray in a matter of minutes. In this picture I took a few months ago, we see such a change. The upper left still has a bit of clear blue, but it was quickly being replaced by darkness, as storm clouds moved in from the west. The gnarly chaos of the bare branches adds to the chaos in the sky behind them.

Here in Colorado, our moisture can come from several directions. Pacific storms can blow in over the Rocky Mountains, but sometimes we get moisture coming up across Texas and Oklahoma into the state. When the winds drive such water-rich air into the mountains, we get upslope weather conditions. In the winter, this results in blizzards like we had in December and January of this year. When Pacific and Gulf air collide over the Centennial State, watch out baby . . . it's gonna be a storm!

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