Saturday, March 03, 2007

Navy Pier

A while back, I traveled to one of America's great cities on business. Chicago, while not a place I would ever choose to live, is a terrific place to visit. It was unfortunate that I had very little free time during my stay.

One evening I was able to at least take in one sight. A colleague and I decided to have dinner at Navy Pier, which extends from a park out into Lake Michigan. We went out just a bit before it got dark, and walked out to the end of the pier. That is where I took the picture below of a lighthouse framed within the large anchor on display.

While enjoying some shrimp at Bubba Gump's, darkness set in, and that is when I took the pictures below. Here is the Ferris Wheel that is about halfway out on the pier.

I like this next one as well. It was taken from the south side of the pier looking back at the southern portion of the skyline. One thing I particularly like about this one is the reflections of the different colored lights in the water, probably caused by various bulb types, such as sodium or mercury.

Sometime I would like to go back to Chicago on a pleasure trip and enjoy more of the wonderful sights of this metropolis in the heart of North America.

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