Sunday, April 08, 2007

Tire & Ice

Somewhere earlier in this blog, I posted the Robert Frost poem Fire and Ice. For this entry, I need one called Tire and Ice.

Sometimes you see unexpected things when you take time to observe. Driving through the falling mix of rain, ice, and snow yesterday made for slick roads and dangerous conditions. Yet even in that environment, you can find something interesting. I parked the car at Barnes & Noble Bookstore, and as I got out, I looked at the tires. Clinging to the rubber surface was a large circle of icicles that appear like a tire-sized flower, or perhaps shiny, pointed studs encompassing the circumference of the tire.

What is amazing is that the delicate pieces of ice were able to cling to a tire and grow as it spun around while the car was moving. The centrifugal force of the rapidly rotating tire pushed the water away from the center of the tire, and as it re-froze, these icicles formed. Not only did they stay attached, they also were not crushed against the road surface.

Who cares about such things? I don't know that anyone else does, but I do, and since this is my blog, I figure it is worth an entry!

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