Sunday, May 13, 2007

Good luck and good flying!

Yesterday was interesting as far as Saturday's go. My lovely wife and I went to Denver International Airport for our trip to Houston. Our morning flight was overbooked, so we decided to volunteer for a later flight, particularly since we had middle seats and not together. In exchange, we got two free round-trip tickets to anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States, good for two years. What a deal. We were confirmed on a flight 6 hours later, and put on standby for one in 3 hours. Lucky us! We got on the one 3 hours later, which was a nice Embraer regional jet with wide, leather seats. Still not seated together, but a United pilot who was riding along next to me changed seats with my wife, so we got to sit together on the flight down.

It used to be that when I rented cars from Thrifty at Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport, I had to go to a remote lot on Beltway 8. Now, all the rental car companies have a huge complex of their own on the airport grounds, with a shared shuttle bus for all of them. Very nice! Our car ended up being a Chrysler PT Cruiser, which I like, but my wife doesn't. Oh well, it is only a rental. We aren't buying it, and it will be fun to tool around town in.

So, here we are in southeast Texas, with free airline tickets to use at a later date, and it is a beautiful (albeit humid) day. Pictures will follow soon as I take them and get back to a broadband connection. Currently I am posting from Panera Bread in Sugar Land. In addition, I hope to get down to Galveston this week. Should have good pics from there as well.

Oh, by the way. Happy Mothers' Day to moms everywhere. You all have the most important job there is.

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