Saturday, July 07, 2007

An Interesting Bridge

Wood & steel suspension bridge on Apple Valley Road

There are many interesting sights along the highways and roads of Colorado. This is one I noticed at the intersection of US 36 (North St. Vrain Road) and Apple Valley Road (County Road 71N), just west of Lyons, Colorado. This view looks to the north from Apple Valley Road with US 36 crossing just on the other side.

This bridge doesn't appear to be very old. The construction is a combination of layers of bent wood for the suspension arches, and steel rods to hold up the road surface. I wonder though if it is truly a suspension bridge, or just an aesthetic addition to an older bridge, given the apparent age of the road surface. Yet, as you can tell from the close up below, there appears to be substantial bracing in the construction, more so than you would expect to find if the bridge structure wasn't truly supporting the road. This is why I think it is a real suspension bridge. In any case, it did catch my attention.

Close up of the bridge's steel and wood construction

The next picture shows the reason for the bridge's existence. This is the creek that the bridge crosses. This particular creek flows alongside US 36 as it makes its way down the mountain and onto the prairie east of Lyons.

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