Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Mini-Rant & A Road Food Burger

For about the last week or so, I have been steaming over the latest blatant disregard for the law by the Bush Administration. What's more, it seems that the very crowd who was calling for the impeachment of President Clinton over lying to a grand jury want to give a pass to "Scooter" Libby for doing the same thing. Well, not quite the same thing; Clinton lied about a personal sexual affair, while Libby lied and obstructed justice over a matter of national security and putting the life of a covert CIA agent in danger for politics. Still, as each day brings another way for the administration to use the desecrate the Constitution they pledged to uphold, I don't really want to go off on a rant today. So instead, let's talk food!

As any road geek will tell you, drive through burgers are a staple along the highways of America. Along the Colorado Front Range and a few other western locations, Goodtimes Burgers and Frozen Custard has introduced their version of the midwest classic White Castle burgers. Goodtimes calls theirs the Bambino Burger.

The Bambino Burger 3-Pack Sack

The Bambino comes alone, or in a 3-pack sack or 5-pack carton. Last week, I tried this little tasty burger and it was immaculately assembled and tasted great. Goodtimes makes its burgers from all-Natural, hormone free Coleman beef. So Friday night, I decided to grab a 3-pack and head home to enjoy another set of these minute morsels of beefy goodness.

Now the standard Bambino comes with meat, pickle slice, and a dollop of thousand-island type dressing. You can also add cheese. I like them best without the dressing, so I have them hold that and put the piece of cheese on mine. The meat is thicker than your standard White Castle slider. White Castle is not available in Colorado by the way, except as a frozen and boxed grocery store purchase. Unlike the slider, the Bambino also doesn't have the smattering of minced onion. Still, I think I prefer the Bambino over the White Castle product (yes, a heretical statement I know).

The Bambinos I got this round were just as tasty, but were a bit of a sloppy stack. They obviously were just thrown together, as they didn't have the professional and neat appearance of the ones from last week. Here is the best looking one of the trio I brought home with me. It was noticeably misshapen and one side of the bun was mashed a bit. These are very soft buns, but this one looked like it had been handled just a bit too roughly.

Bambino fresh from the bag!

Flipping the mini-sized treat open for inspection yielded this view of a bun toasted nicely on the inside, a ripple-cut pickle slice, a severly off-center piece of processed cheese, and a piece of hamburger meat that is not the uniform square cut of a White Castle. Since the cheese was somewhat melted from the heat of the meat, it stayed right where it was. To heck with aesthetics!

The Bambino laid bare.

Two and a half burgers and half a small pack of fries later, I was full. Molly the dog benefited with the last bite of Bambino and a couple of french fries. She gave it two paws up and seemed to thoroughly enjoy her share in the bounty.

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