Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rolls of Hay

Rolls of hay in an open field - Englewood, Colorado, USA.
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The Colorado plains along the front range are definitely horse country. With all those hungry equines, comes the need for hay to feed them. I took this photo in an open field in the Meridian Business Park, a large area near Centennial Airport that is home to a number of companies, including Western Union and EchoStar. There is also a golf course that runs through it. Even so, there are many open areas yet to be developed, and apparently these are used for the growing of hay.

I decided to go a little artsy-fartsy retro on this one, giving it a black & white treatment with a red filter to enhance the clouds. Look closely in the larger version, and you will see the Rocky Mountains off in the distance, along with many more rolls of hay scattered across the field.

I used to play a little hay game with my wife. We would be driving along the road, and I would spot a truck loaded with hay, or some hay by the road, and would shout out, "HAY!". Invariably, she would reply, "What? What is it?". Thereupon I would point to the hay and say again, "Hay!". Finally, she got tired of my silly trick, and vowed never to fall for it again. That has been several years ago, so I am biding my time. One of these days, I'll get her with it.

Also, when I think of the words "roll" and "hay", I always remember Terri Garr in Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein, where she invites Professor Frankenstein for a "roll in zee hay". She then starts rolling around in it, chanting, "Roll, roll, roll in zee hay!". What a great movie!

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