Sunday, October 07, 2007

My Interstate Highway Travels

In my perusing of various web sites put up by other highway aficionados, I have seen maps of Interstate Highways they have traveled. There is a very good version out there where you can build a data file that will generate a map for you, but for me, it seemed like too much work for what I would get. Still, I thought it would be nice to get a visual of the Interstates that I have traversed in my travels.

I found a map on the web that is a bit different than what you usually see. This one is not to scale, nor is it geographically precise, but it sets out to show the highways as either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines. This seemed to fit the bill.

So, I took this map, used Photoshop to draw semi-transparent overlays to denote my travels, and the result is below. Not too bad, if not as precise as other efforts I have seen. It shows that I need to do some more road trips to cover some territory I have never driven. My coverage is shown in red.

Click the map for an enlarged view

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