Sunday, October 21, 2007

Old Man Winter Stops By

Thursday afternoon

Autumn is a season of change in Colorado. Sometimes it changes fast. Yesterday was 70 degrees for a high temperature. Even early evening last night was very pleasant. Then the wind started gusting, and this morning we wake up with snow coming down hard and accumulation expected to be in the 4-to-8 inches range. Tomorrow, the sun will return, and by Tuesday, we are expecting a high in the upper 60s. Sometimes the weather here changes drastically in the same day. That is why, particularly this time of year, it is important to dress in layers and take a jacket with you, even when you don't think you will need one.

The mountains have already been getting snow, and the Arapahoe Basin ski area is already open for the winter season. I don't ski or snowboard, as I like my bones just the way they are, thank you very much; but the resorts have got to love this. As for me, I hope we have a bit more autumnal weather for a while, even though this snowfall will likely take a lot of the remaining colorful leaves off the trees.

There may be a little good news for me in this. At work, we have a pool for predicting when we would get the first snow for the season. I think I picked October 21. I'll find out tomorrow, but I could be getting a few bucks. Not much, since it was only $1 per entry, but hey, even if it's ten or twenty bucks, I'll take it.

This morning

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