Friday, November 02, 2007

Geese, Hawks, and Owls

The onset of cooler weather brings another visitor to Colorado every year...the Canadian Geese. These beautiful birds cross the sky in their familiar "V" formation, and congregate wherever a pond can be found. As I was leaving work today, I had to stop and let a gaggle walk across the street. While in flight they swiftly cross the sky, making their familiar honking sound. On the ground, they take their time walking along. If they start crossing, it is good not to be in a hurry, as they will continue single file until the entire group gets across.

Gaggle of geese crossing the street. Click for large version.

They are such nice looking animals, but they do tend to poop all over the place. Last year, the sidewalks at my office were hit pretty good with goose poo. I guess this gives rise to the expression "like sh*t through a goose"!

One of many geese

Another type of bird that makes its home where I work is the hawk. They circle around, lazily enjoying the air currents, sometimes with two of them, each tracing the opposite side of the circle.

Also, a while back I posted pictures of the owls that live on the building's exterior. Today, I got a photo through the window close to an owl's nest. I think they may have moved on, as I haven't seen them for a few days. The nest is quite impressive, as it is made not of straw and grass like small birds' nests; instead it is made up of some substantially-sized tree branches.

The picture below shows the owl's nest built between some of the ornamental girders that enclose the top of our buildings. This shot was taken through the window and between the spacing of the girders. Still, it gives a nice view of the nest up close.

Owl's nest. Click for the large version.

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