Monday, November 05, 2007

Grafton CSX Rail Yard

Two of the main industries in the state of West Virginia are interdependent. Coal and the railroad have long driven the economy of this state, as the rails are used to transport coal from the mines to the places it is used to produce energy; be it individual coal furnaces to major power generation plants. The town of Grafton has been a major hub for CSX Transportation (formerly Chessie System, formerly B&O Railroad) for decades. While the town has been in a state of decline for many years, and the railroad has lost much prominence, Grafton still has a railyard where you can see the trains at work.

The first picture shows a diesel locomotive in the Grafton railyard. This is just one of a number of these large vehicles that were there this afternoon. (Remember, to see a large picture, just click on the small version below.)

Diesel locomotive in Grafton

There were coal cars linked and ready to roll with their loads of coal, and others that were empty, and headed back to be refilled with the black fuel that still powers much of the American economy.

Coal ready to roll

Below are the empty cars that were on a track at the railyard. They obviously were ready to be loaded with their next batch of cargo.

We want coal!

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