Monday, November 19, 2007

Here We Go Into the Icebox

Well, here we go into a new work week. It's Monday. I know a lot of people dread Mondays, but I try to enjoy every day. After all, we spend 1/7 of our life on Monday, so why go around upset about it? I wish everyone a wonderful Monday today.

This will be a beautiful Monday here along the Colorado Front Range. Sunny skies and a high predicted to reach 70 degrees Fahrenheit. But it isn't going to last. By Wednesday, our next cold front will pass by, making the high for that day only 25 degrees...a drop of 45 degrees! YIKES!

I suppose I can give my new snow boots a little more use, as that system is expected to drop at least 8 inches of snow. This Indian Summer is coming to a screeching halt, just before the Turkey Day Holiday. I guess that is what is meant by going "Cold Turkey"!

Have a terrific week, everyone!

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