Sunday, November 11, 2007

Long Live the Drive-In Theater!

A rapidly disappearing bit of American life is holding on in Grafton, West Virginia . . . the drive-in theater. There are not many of these outdoor movie venues still operating across the country, and even in Denver, the Cinderella Drive-In has met its demise just a few short weeks ago. Land is just too valuable in urban areas to make operating a drive-in profitable. Plus, there are so many other things that are vying for our entertainment dollars, including the ability to buy and rent movies at home.

Yet, the drive-in remains in a few places, and seems to particularly have its best chance in small towns. The Grafton Drive-In still operates to the best of my knowledge. However, it is closed for the season. This small theater is across US 119 from the Mail Pouch Barn in the previous post. Here are some pictures. As always, click the photo for a larger version. Enjoy.

Marquee for the Grafton Drive-In

Entrance / Box Office and "big" screen

Projection building and movie screen - Notice the red barn in the background

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