Saturday, November 17, 2007

More From Valley Falls

The CSX Railroad goes under a bridge at Valley Falls, WV

Let's take a look at a couple of more photos from my trek to Valley Falls last week. These two came out pretty nice I think.

The photo above is the CSX (formerly B&O) railroad that runs through the area. You can tell a train has gone by, because you can see its tracks (hardee har har). The picture is looking north, as the railroad makes its journey to the north paralleling the Tygart Valley River. Notice the new ties lying along the right of way on the far side of the tracks. It appears that this stretch of line will be undergoing some maintenance soon.

Lichen on a tree

Our next picture shows some interesting lichen growing on the bark of a tree. I purposely put the falls and autumn foiliage in the background into soft focus by using a narrow depth of field. I think maybe I went a little too soft on it, but it still makes a decent picture.

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