Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Am An ID-Ten-T

Saturday turned out to be quite unusual. Let's start out with the washing machine saga.

We have been struggling to get a correct diagnosis and repair on the washing machine for at least three weeks, and last weekend, a repairman came out and found the pump was just clogged with assorted things which likely came out of my pockets. So, since last weekend I had all my laundry caught up at the laundromat, it was time to finally do my first post-repair load. I gathered up a pile of underwear, t shirts and white socks, put them in the washer, and thought I was ready to go.

Now understand that we have had this very same machine for 7 years, and it's operation is very familiar. Anyway, I turned the timer dial to the right setting, pulled the knob out to try to start the machine, but the knob comes right off. I try to pull the shaft that the knob attaches to, again without success. I tell the lovely spouse, and she calls the repair people and gives them a demand to come out before the end of the day.

Anyway, the repairman shows up, walks into the laundry room, and when I show him how the knob comes off, he chuckles and says, "Oh, this isn't like most machines. You don't pull the knob out. It has a 'Start' button. You just push that!"

Oh my gosh. What a perfect ID-Ten-T error on my part. (This error is used by computer support people for a stupid user...spelled it out ID10T). I felt so doggone foolish. Like I said, I have used this machine for 7 years. What kind of misfiring neurons did I have going on?

The other unusual thing is that we rarely go to the movie theater, but yesterday, we did. Since our grandchildren are staying with us this weekend, we had already planned to take them to see Alvin and The Chipmunks at Southlands Cinema. I usually watch movies at home, but maybe 2 or 3 times a year, we will go see one. As a side note, this was a very good movie to take kids to see. Nothing objectionable at all, and my grandkids liked it a lot, especially my 9-year-old granddaughter.

The bad thing is that before we were done, it was about $55 for the 2-hours. We got matinée tickets for $5.50 each, but with one drink each for the 4 of us, plus a medium bag of popcorn and 2 orders of nachos, the grand total soared. Man, that is some big markup on that junk! But of course, grandkids get what they want...that's the rule, you know. They are made for spoiling. Anyway, since we don't do it often, I just paid it and enjoyed the time with the kids. Plus, when we got home, we had a good time watching funny You Tube videos, like screaming frogs, and the series my grandson loved...Chad Vader, Day Manager, the videos about Darth Vader's less successful brother who is a grocery store day manager.

So, I am up early today, as usual, so I suppose I will make a run to the store and get pancake mix. Kids have to have grandpa's pancakes for breakfast, so I can't disappoint! Or I may just make some from scratch. Either way, they'll love them, just as long as they aren't Buckwheat cakes. Grandma made those for them one time, and let's just say, they were not a hit. These are kids who are very picky eaters, so plain pancakes it will be. Hopefully I won't have the same trouble with the stove that I did with the washing machine.

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