Monday, January 21, 2008

What if Mr. Freeze Met Spiderman?

If one keeps their eyes open, often they will find a new perspective on the very ordinary. That happened to me this morning. As I was letting Molly, the world's smartest Australian Cattle Dog, out to do her business in the zero-degree Fahrenheit cold, I looked up and saw what looked like white cords strung under the eaves by the patio. Although the weight of the snow had damaged the pristine structure of them, obviously these were spider webs that have gotten covered with snow.

These usually delicate threads of webbing had escaped my view, or I would have swept them down earlier. Today, it was hard to miss them, as the thin fibers now appear much thicker due to the build up of precipitation on them. I was still in my nightclothes, so it was quite cold out, but I had to grab the trusty Olympus and take a shot of this joint project by a spider and Old Man Winter.

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