Friday, February 08, 2008

The GOP Eating Its Own

It is interesting to see the wheels starting to come off of the religious nutcase political machine. Could this be the end of the love affair between the evangelical right and the GOP? Yesterday, James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, a political group masquerading as a Christian ministry, said he will not vote in the November general election if John McCain is the Republican nominee. Hopefully his blind sheep will follow his example in staying away from the polls, giving a progressive candidate an even better shot at winning.

Dobson endorsed Mike Huckabee, who has about as much chance of winning his party's nomination as Hillary Clinton has of switching back to the Republican Party.

Then we have the other bigoted media whores, Rush Limbaugh and Ann "the man" Coulter saying they won't vote for McCain either. Seems that for all these folks, McCain is a dreaded "liberal". I usually ignore what this bunch has to say, but this time I am hoping they keep it up. Maybe with a little luck, the Dobsonites, Dittoheads, and general right-wing loonies will stay home in November! Despite the calls for unity, the GOP is fractured, and the crack is growing wider.

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