Monday, February 04, 2008

Thoughts Early on a Monday Morning

Another Wave of Winter

Another Monday, another work week starting. By noon today, another snow storm is heading into the area, with its expected 4-to-8 inches of snow to fall here in Douglas County. It may be an interesting commute home this evening. Once this blast is through though, we are expecting warmer, clear weather for the rest of the week through next weekend. Maybe I can finally get my car washed in a few days. As I will be flying next Monday and Tuesday, I am also hoping for good travel weather.

Super Bowl

Justice! I really not a fan of either the Giants or the Patriots, but the NFL championship was decided by a great game, a close defensive battle that saw the Giants win over the highly-favored Patriots. With the cheating scandal earlier in the season, I was glad to see New England's almost perfect season end in defeat. The last drive by Eli Manning and the Giants was worthy of John Elway in his best days on the Denver Broncos.

It was also nice to go to my son's house to watch the game in high definition on his 50" TV. Not to mention the fantastic food he cooked for the party. The trip home was marred by a bad wreck on I-25 in Denver, but luckily, I got into the only lane getting through, and thus had only a minor delay. The rest of the freeway was closed by the accident.


Tomorrow night is the caucus for the Presidential nominating process, and I am bummed over the choices. As I was supporting John Edwards, I am now left with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. I worry about Hillary being more of the same and Barack's lack of experience. So the question in my mind is do I even bother to go to the caucus, or just sit it out. It is not like me to opt out of any part of the political process, but I could do it this time, waiting instead for the General Election in November.

Everyone have a great week ahead!

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