Friday, May 30, 2008

Get Ready for the Aliens!

Will the city of Denver have an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission? It will if Denver resident Jeff Peckman has his way. The 54-year-old who reportedly lives with his parents (big surprise, huh?) has been petitioning the city to create such a commission just in case we have an otherworldly visitor.

Today, Peckman is supporting his case by showing a film that purports to be actual video of a space alien. One film "expert" says that it appears to be real and not doctored in any way. Allrighty then.

Long time Denver residents complain about the Californication of Colorado by the influx of folks from the west coast. Just wait until the aliens get here. Nobody will be able to get a seat on the light rail!

CLICK HERE for a story on this from The Denver Post.

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