Friday, June 27, 2008

Baby Robins

There are lots of red, red robins bob-bob-bobbin' along the Colorado Front Range these days, and a nest of babies is in my son's big shade tree. I got to see and photograph a little robin activity this evening, and figured I share some of them here. As always, click on the photos to get a bigger version.

First of all, here is a hungry little mouth looking for mom to bring him a worm.

Next we have two little guys wondering when they are going to get dinner. "Mom! We're hungry!"

Finally, mom shows up with a worm and keeps a wary eye on the guy with the camera while she tends to the brood.

There was another baby that fell out of the nest, and despite the best care by my son and daughter-in-law, it didn't make it. Such is life. It is hard for all the creatures.

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