Sunday, June 22, 2008

Getting In Touch With Nature

We are a part of nature, and sometimes it is good to get back in touch with other parts of life on Earth. Maybe I am just getting old and reflective but I am finding more and more of a connection with the plants and animals around us as the years go by. I have always respected life and believed in the intelligence of other creatures. We human beings often forget that there is not much of a gulf between us and the rest of nature.

Since we now live where there are more trees than we have had in many years, I have noticed the sound of birds singing every morning as they perch atop the branches. About three weeks ago, I put out some feeders and found they are quite enjoyed by a variety of our feathered friends. Squirrels running along the fence and up the trees also chatter and entertain. Rabbits, although they eat at the lawn, have found a home at the base of our aspens; and deer still roam the dry gulch a few blocks away.

Yet, it is not just the animals that we enjoy in nature. The backyard is a bit of a mess from neglect from the previous occupant, but you have to start somewhere. So this weekend, the lovely spouse and I worked to clear out a neglected flower garden, raise the height of the retaining wall to level it out, and got it filled with new top soil. We then put landscaping fabric to cut down on weeds into the garden, and went to buy some perennial flowering plants to start bringing some color and interest to the yard.

My very amazing daughter-in-law came and worked with us to get the plants into the ground, and get the cedar mulch in place. The end result is a beautiful and colorful corner as the anchor of further future improvements. While I am not a gardener, nor do I particularly like the labor involved; there is something gratifying about selecting plants for the climate here, digging in the soil, and nurturing the plants.

This project occupied most of the weekend, but we now have something to show for our trouble. I will post some pictures soon.

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