Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's Fathers Day!

Today is the day set aside to honor that all too often unsung hero, the father. This year I feel fortunate in that my dad has dodged the bullet of a likely massive heart attack by his recent triple bypass surgery. He is doing well with his recovery, even to the point of spending the weekend at Galveston for the Banjo show at the Opry House. He is bouncing back from this major surgery, and reach his 79th year next week. My father has always worked hard to take care of me and my sisters and brother when we were kids, and he is one of the great men I admire. His wisdom and counsel have set the example for me to live up to with my own children and grandchildren.

I am also proud to honor my father-in-law, who despite several major health setbacks is still with us in his 83rd trip around the sun. He spent his entire career at one company, from the time he was a teen. That is almost unheard of today. Those years of working on steam and diesel locomotives took their toll on his body, but he too did it everyday to provide for his family. There is so much I look up to in him as well.

So to all the dads who so often get less recognition for their sacrifices than they should, I send very Happy Fathers Day wishes.

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