Thursday, July 03, 2008

A Stack of Pots

Last Sunday, we had lunch at the famous White Fence Farm in Lakewood, Colorado. It is a really fantastic place, a former farm that is now a country store, home-style restaurant, garden, and petting zoo right in the city. One of the things they had there was a stack of flower pots that looked balanced. It drew the attention of the lovely spouse, who wanted that at our house. She has also been wanting something on the left side of the garage for balance with the flowers near the porch.

So tonight after work, we went to what Hank Hill on TV's King of the Hill would call the MegaLo Mart, but which we know as Wal-Mart. There we bought flowers, potting soil, four clay pots, and a yard torch. Why a yard torch? Well, the pot stack at White Fence Farm had a piece of steel rebar for the support up through the pots. Since I couldn't find any rebar, the torch had a metal pipe for its support. I took the torch off the top, drove the pipe into the ground, and presto, a pipe perfect for stacking flower pots!

Then the LS put the soil and flowers into the pots, watered them, and now we have this nice array of pots and flowers beside the garage. Simple, but it gives the illusion of a weird balancing act going on.

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