Sunday, July 20, 2008

Where Is This?

Map of the Denver area from Google Maps

I remember a game that used to appear in Readers Digest, where you got to see a little bit of a road map, and the object was to figure out where the place on the map was located. So let's play a little version of that right here.

Click on the map above to get a larger version, but notice that I have circled three town names in red. They are Thornton, Denver, and Aurora, three city names in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area. However, this is not a map of Colorado. There are a couple of good clues to get you started however if you look closely at the map.

Once you think you have it figured out, go the the comments for this post to see the answer. Don't peek until you have given a real effort at figuring it out.

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Randy said...

Two of the clues that come to my mind are US Highway 50, and the fact that the roads appear to be very winding, indicating a mountainous terrain. Yes, both of those clues could also indicate Colorado, but that is not correct.

Have you figured it out yet? The answer is that this is a map of a part of north-central West Virginia.