Friday, August 29, 2008

Tygart Lake From The Air

Tygart Lake in West Virginia from 35,000 feet

As I previously mentioned, I have always been pretty good at picking out landmarks from the window of commercial flights. On the flight last Saturday to Washington, I noticed quite a few significant towns and landmarks where the clouds were not obscuring the view. The photo above really needs to be seen at the large size (by clicking on it) to get the effect. It is a picture I took of Tygart Lake from our Frontier Airlines flight from Denver. Last November, I posted pictures of this lake taken from the ground.

This picture is rotated 180 degrees from how I took it, to match it up with the inset picture from Google Maps of the same place, for comparison. North is approximately to the top of the photo now, and just to the north out of view is the town of Grafton. The curve on the ground to the left side of the photo is a stream with duplexed US 119 and US 250 running beside it to the east of the stream.

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