Sunday, February 01, 2009

Separated at Birth?

This afternoon while watching the Superbowl on television, something about Steelers coach Mike Tomlin was strikingly familiar. It seemed like I had seen him before. I mentioned it to the lovely spouse, who said she thought the same thing. Then it came to her. Tomlin is almost a dead ringer for Omar Epps, co-star of the television series House. Epps portrays Doctor Eric Foreman on the Fox Network's hit series about a team of physicians who are half detective, half healer.

Indeed, that was it. Tomlin could be Epps' long lost twin. The resemblance is so strong that it seemed I was more familiar with Tomlin than I really was. But once we figured it out, it was obvious to us what caused the impression.

I am sure we are not the first to recognize the resemblance, but it is indeed there.

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