Sunday, June 07, 2009

Tornado Outbreak!

Funnel cloud forming in the eastern edge of Centennial, Colorado

Today was a very nice day through the morning and early afternoon, but just after 2:00 P.M. this afternoon, a line of severe weather suddenly moved in. There are several confirmed tornadoes in the area. One of them was formed right outside the back of my son's house in Centennial. He took these photos as he watched the funnel descend into a full-blown tornado. While the extent of damage is yet unknown, the tornado is confirmed to have touched down about three blocks from my son's house. KUSA television is reporting that the Southlands shopping center in extreme south Aurora has been hit, which is approximately 2 miles from my son's home, and about 8 miles NNE of where I live. Southlands is near the NE corner of E-470 and Smoky Hill Road. The tornado is moving to the southeast and entering Elbert County.

There are also confirmed tornadoes north of Denver at the town of Thornton. KUSA is reporting a tractor-trailer rig on I-70 at Watkins was picked up into the air and thrown into a ditch. Hail up to the size of eggs has been reported around the area as well.

Another view of the tornado forming near E-470 & Smoky Hill Road.

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