Saturday, December 02, 2006

Denver Union Station

Union Station in Lower Downtown Denver, Colorado is a beautiful old train station that is slated to be the centerpiece of a new residential, office, and retail development. Already, it is a transportation hub, served by the city's RTD light rail and bus services, as well as Amtrak trains to Los Angeles and Chicago.

This classic train station has long been a landmark for travelers and locals alike, and was once bustling with passengers going to points all over the country. Today, it is owned by the Regional Transportation District, and will be joined by new buildings housing stores, townhouses and offices.

In the basement of this beautiful train station, is one of the world's largest "O" scale model railroads, the Colorado Midland Railway, which is maintained by the Denver Society of Model Railroaders. This model railroad occupies 6500 square feet, and the trains traverse 4000 linear feet of track. The CMR was not part of the Union Station redevelopment plans, but it so happens that Denver Mayor, John Hickenlooper is a big fan. He led the effort to preserve the model railroad at Union Station, and because of his initiative, it will remain there for years to come.

Whether you are there as part of your travel or commute, or just passing through town, Union Station on Wynkoop Street is a place not to miss.

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