Thursday, December 21, 2006

Drama in the Snow

A few minutes ago, I looked out my back door and watched a blizzard story unfold. The blue pickup you see in the photo above, behind the SUV, was stuck in the snow. It is a 4x4, and as the driver tried forward and reverse gears, all of his wheels were spinning and going nowhere.

Luckily, a Suburban with chained tires from the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office drove by, although we are in Douglas County. The Sheriff's Deputy spoke with the driver, and then moments later, a tractor came along. I think this was just plain luck, as I doubt he had time to respond to a radio call from the deputy.

In any case, they quickly pulled the tractor into position behind the stuck pickup truck, strapped a tow rope up to both, and the tractor made quick work of extracting the pickup from the snow in which he had gotten stranded. The video below shows the rescue.

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