Thursday, December 21, 2006

Snowed In, and Still Falling

Well, it is before 8 o'clock on Thursday morning. I was supposed to drive to Cheyenne, Wyoming this morning, but I-25 is closed all the way to the state line. Besides that, I can't yet even get out of my garage. The snow is deep, drifting, and I cannot even get out of the garage.

The first photo this morning is looking out at my neighbor's townhouse. The front porch is behind the visible part of the evergreen tree (which itself is really about 5' tall). As you can see, about 3' of white crap blocks her door, as it does mine.

The snow is supposed to stop later today, but we are still under a blizzard warning until noon. I really need to get out of here and get to the office, but at this point, I don't think that is yet possible.

The second photo of the morning shows the snowdrift out the back door. There is hardly any accumulation on top of the fence or the patio furniture, as the high winds have kept them clear. But that fence is about 5½ feet tall, and all but the top 10" or so are behind the snow.

Luckily, we still have power, water, gas, and food, so we will be fine. Still, with things to do and places to go, this is not good. It's on days like today that I wondered why did I ever move away from Houston!! I'd almost take a hurricane over much of this weather.

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