Thursday, January 25, 2007

Road Rage Verdict

America is in too big of a hurry. People will drive like maniacs, run red lights, speed, tailgate, push ahead, and generally shout to the world "Me first! I'm more important than anyone else!" As I have gotten older, I have gotten much more mellow about most things, and especially about driving. I find myself much more at peace and able to enjoy the world around me by not being in such a big hurry. Aggression behind the wheel is deadly.

Yet sometimes it even becomes more than just pushing the envelope while driving. It becomes reckless endangerment, and even homicide. A case in point was made today in Arapahoe County, Colorado court, where Parker resident, Jason Reynolds, was found guilty of first degree murder, vehicular homicide, and careless driving resulting in death. From all reports, Reynolds is a sociopath who has a history of tailgating, running up against people and cutting in front of them and immediately slamming on his brakes. Various witnesses testified to his history of aggression behind the wheel.

On November 8, 2005, he pulled the brakes stunt on 50-year-old Kelvin Norman of Highlands Ranch while the two were driving on the E-470 Tollway. To avoid hitting Reynolds, Norman took evasive action and lost control of his car. The vehicle became airborne and landed on top of another vehicle on the other side of the tollway, killing its driver, Greg Boss, 35, of Lone Tree.

The wreck was gruesome, and shut down the highway for quite some time. Two tow truck drivers who worked the scene of the accident testified that Reynolds said, "They got what they deserved". His callous disregard for what he caused and the human lives impacted is beyond understanding. The prosecutor noted that Reynolds' comments clearly show his depravity. She is right.

He now faces the potential of life in prison. It is my hope that this man is never let loose again. He has proven himself a danger to others. We may now say to Mr. Reynolds, "You got what you deserve".

The Denver Post article about the conviction can be read by CLICKING HERE.
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