Friday, February 02, 2007

Pictures on a Foggy Day

Robert Frost said that "Good fences make good neighbors", and while he was undoubtedly right, fences can also make for interesting pictures. This is one from the end of last winter, taken a couple of days before the vernal equinox. It is not uncommon in Colorado to get snow in March & April, but the snowy days come between beautiful, springlike days.

This fence along a pasture just outside of Parker was interesting to me, because of the lines and angles created by the wood, along with the rails moving toward convergence as they get further away from the point of the viewer.

On the morning I took this picture, I went out fairly early and found quite a few good subjects. There was a dense fog in the air and a very light snow coming down. The fog made distant objects in some of the pictures take on a diffused look; a type of natural photo filter. This effect can be seen in the picture to the right of Douglas County Road 103. The posts on the other side of the road look very diffused by the fog, and the road quickly disappears into the fog as well.

Sometimes people think you can't take pictures because it isn't a pretty day with sunny skies and good conditions. Actually, some really interesting shots can be had on those days that you would never consider for a picnic. Keep your eyes and imagination active. You could find a picture whose mood and tone would be impossible to capture on a sunny day.

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