Sunday, March 04, 2007

Big, Shiny Signs

Street signs come in a variety of types. I will be posting more about them in a few posts to come. In any case, this is a good photo to see a very unique type of street sign. This photo was taken going eastbound on Westheimer approaching Sage Rd. in Uptown Houston, also known as the Galleria area.

That big, chrome-like circle suspended above the intersection is actually a street sign. To the best of my knowledge, these signs are unique to the Uptown Houston district, being deployed along Westheimer and Post Oak, and maybe a couple of other thoroughfares. If you click on the photo, you will get a much larger version. The one thing these signs don't have that standard signs do, is the block number. Still, they give a very striking and futuristic look to one of the busiest areas of town.

Not far from this location, just a few blocks to the southeast, is the Williams Tower, formerly Transco Tower. It is the tallest skyscraper outside of a central business district. It is a very interesting building, made of dark, reflective glass; and shaped like the classic art-deco design. On top is a rotating beacon that can be seen for many miles at night. While it was being built in the early 1980s, I worked across the freeway, and watched as it got taller and taller.

As an aside, take a look at the traffic lights. The backplates are elliptical, and have a convex shape to them. They are mounted on highly-polished chrome posts that match the street sign. You don't see that everyday either.

More street sign postings to come!

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