Sunday, March 04, 2007

More Street Signs

Okay, still more about street signs. Are you getting bored with it? This is an example of how Houston has changed from the standard green signs to special signs for different parts of town. Each district is distinct from the others, and this example is from the Upper Kirby area, but actually on S. Shepherd.

This brings me to another thought. The block numbers on Houston's street signs are quite useful. This sign tells me the sign is in the 3500 block of S. Shepherd and the 2100 block of Colquitt. The number goes with the street name, and helps you know which direction to turn at the intersection to get to where you are going.

When I first moved to Colorado, Denver's signs were quite confusing. They do it just the opposite. The name of the cross street appears with the hundred block of the street you are currently driving on. Very odd, and after 13 years here, I still have trouble with it. It just is not very intuitive. There should be a standard, and I would vote for Houston's method to be adopted nationwide. Easy to use, and makes more sense, at least to me.

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