Friday, March 16, 2007

Garden of the Gods

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Colorado is a very interesting state. Its geologic history has resulted in some very unique natural beauty. I have often thought about the first pioneers heading west across North America, with animals and wagons, crossing the Great Plains for hundreds of miles, when all of a sudden, the mighty Rocky Mountains loomed as an obstacle ahead.

The Great Plains was once the bottom of a great inland ocean, and the Front Range of the Rockies was the shoreline. This ancient geology provides spectacular and interesting things to see. One of these is the footprints of a dinosaur herd in the rocks near Morrison. Another is in the photograph above. This is the entrance to the Garden of the Gods, a city park for the City of Colorado Springs.

Garden of the Gods is a free park whose signature is the 300-million year old red sandstone rock formations. Every time I go there, I am in awe of the sight that nature has left from erosion and uplifting of land. In my photo above taken from the outdoor deck of the Visitor's Center, you can see the road leading into the park, with Pikes Peak, "America's Mountain" in the background. It was on the summit of Pikes Peak that Katherine Lee Bates was inspired to pen the lyrics to America, the Beautiful.

If you ever get to Colorado Springs, your trip is not complete unless you take the time to visit the Garden of the Gods.

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