Sunday, March 25, 2007

More from Boulder

Boulder Theater Marquee

My last blog entry dealt with outdoor performers I saw on my trip to Boulder today. This post will have some of the other sites I enjoyed. As usual, click on any photo to load a larger version.

This first entry is one of a rapidly disappearing piece of Americana . . . the theater marquee. This one in good shape, as is the theater facade itself, seen in the photo below. I didn't go inside, so I have no idea how that part has fared, but hopefully it is being maintained.

Boulder Theater, Boulder, Colorado

As you can see in the photo below, some of the trees are beginning to bloom here in Colorado. This is a photo of the Boulder County Court House. It is a very attractive building situated along the Pearl Street Mall. Of course, if one is there as a defendant, I doubt the beauty of the architecture would be foremost on one's mind at the time.

Boulder County Court House

One block north of the mall is home to the next two buildings. The first is a very intricate and ornate bell tower at a church in downtown Boulder. The bell is too low in the tower to see much of it here, but you can see clearly the big metal wheel that is used to make the bell ring out. I particularly like the designs in the stone ornamentation that is near the top of each of the four cylindrical supports for the roof.

Bell Tower at Church in Boulder

The next thing that caught my eye is directly across from the bell tower. It is the Shambhala Meditation Center, a Buddhist facility established in 1974. The brilliant gold ornamentation on top really catches your eye as it reflects the bright Colorado sunshine. If you load the larger version, you will see two modes of common Boulder transportation parked in front; a bicycle and a motor scooter. These Boulder Buddhists are ecologically aware!

Shambhala Meditation Center of Boulder

I have just barely scratched the surface of things to see in this most liberal of Colorado cities. In a formerly "red" state that is rapidly turning "blue", Boulder is one of the deepest blue spots in the country. I know I will go back to investigate all that is there, as well as take more photos to share here.

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