Sunday, March 25, 2007

Street Performers

Percussion Band in Boulder

This afternoon I took a drive up to Boulder, Colorado for a meeting that was being held at the Boulder Main Library. It is a beautiful day today, with scattered clouds across a clear blue sky, temperatures in the 60s, perfect weather for people to enjoy being outdoors. After my meeting, I heard some very eclectic-sounding percussion music, which intrigued me. I grabbed my camera from the car, and went in search of the enticing beat of the instruments I was hearing.

Crossing a footbridge over a creek, I found where the music was coming from. The percussion band in the photo above was making music for the enjoyment of all, and being enjoyed it was. Families, singles with dogs, college students, and many others were gathered around to hear the performance. One young man was doing a solo dance along the trail in front of the band.

After I got back in the car and was driving through town, I saw the Pearl Street Mall was very busy this Sunday afternoon, so I knew I had to jump out and take a stroll, camera in hand, of course! All along the mall, there were performances of various types, jugglers, fire eaters on unicycles, and of course musicians. The banjo man below was strumming, picking, and singing for the enjoyment, and tips, of passersby. He is also wearing on of the quintessential Boulder type of footwear...sandals.

Pearl Street Mall Banjo Man

The musicians were of all ages. The youngest performer I came across was this young man. I first noticed him near a magic act, and he was not being noticed by most. I then saw him later, as he had moved down the mall a bit, to where there was less competition. He really was quite good.

Young Virtuoso

Then there was the enthralling sound of the Australian didgeridoo, playing in harmony. The couple below, probably in their late 50s or early 60s, where making music on these hand-crafted instruments. They kept time by tapping the side of the instrument with a piece of wood, while playing the didgeridoo itself. Notice the woman's shoes. Like the banjo man's sandals, hers are also very representative of Boulder. I saw quite a few people wearing Crocs, and this woman was just one of many. They have to be some of the most ugly looking shoes made, but doggone if they aren't comfortable!

Didgeridoo for Two

What open air mall is complete without a balloon guy making animals for the kids. The gentleman below had created a colorful balloon headdress for himself, and the many hues added a nice splash of color to the vista. Here, a boy watches the craft of the balloon artist, anticipating what kind of animal he would end up with.

Balloon Guy

There is much more I saw in Boulder today, but I am glad that I didn't just rush back home, instead taking the time to walk along the Pearl Street Mall. After a winter of blizzards, it is great to see people getting out and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air!

As usual, you can click on the photos to see a larger version.

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